This page is dedicated to BAMEed related articles that appear in the media about the @bameednetwork.

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  • Click here to read Allana’s article in the Guardian!

  • DFE Diversity Roundtable- #BAMEed were represented by Allana Gay at The Department of Education.
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  • Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 07.41.10What have #BAMEed achieved so far… Click here to read.

  • A SEC-ED article about #BAMEed Click here!

  • BBC News featured a story about the lack of BAME educators in our schools today in  December 2016:


  • A blog from Ed Central explaining who/what/where is #BAMEed. Click here.

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  • A Sec-ED article debating the issue of what does a school leader look like. Click here.

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  • UKEDChat’s Monthly Magazine, features information about What is #BAMEed and how to get involved. Click here to read.



Article written for Primary Education Magazine.

See here.

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